Sunday, September 11, 2011

The end of my Pregnancy journey #2

Being pregnant this second time around I felt it much harder than my first. I had so much more responsibility to deal with during the pregnancy that I didn't have time to just stop and complain hence one reason why I started my youtube channel. Not many of my family and friends knew about it but I found it such an outlet to vent once a week about my symptoms and found a lot of other mommies who felt the same way I did. I actually created a bond with many mommies on youtube and it was such a wonderful HI tech way of bonding! I love the new millennium =P Ok well back to the story, as the long awaited day approached as slowly as it could it did finally come. Kaylee Belle was born August 26th, 2011. This actually is a very special day to ME. My birthday is March 26 and my son’s birthday is May 26 so when I realized my due date (9/6/11) was semi close to a 26th I FREAKED. Ask anyone I was convinced she was to be born on this date...and you know what...she was. My water broke at 11:30 am so nobody can say I made it happen, she just knew this was her day and joined our lil 26th day family. I would like to confess that yes shortly after my water broke i DID turn my straightener iron on and fixed a few pieces and YES I did sit on my bed applying a tad bit of make-up, but really it was just to keep my mind off the fact that I was waiting for my husband to come home. Labor was a breeze and well here she is beautiful as ever home with the family!!! WE LOVE YOU KAYLEE BELLE!!!!