Monday, October 27, 2014

Brother/Sister fall look

Well beanie weather has began here in Los Angeles....hahahahahah ya right but we can pretend right? Our high 70's will make all of us bring out the long sleeves because , well its just a lot better than the gross 100 degrees we had to endure a few months back. 

But beanies are making a come back and taking over. I absolutly love hats, especially beanies on kids. Beanies are so universal lately in fashion they can be dressed up or down which make them such a staple this fall/winter.

I also love this new pop of yellow that has come in this season. So unexpected for such a bright happy color to appear mid fall but it has. The more prominent color in the yellow family, standing as leader of the pack ,has been mustard. The darker shade of mustard, almost orangey, is everywhere on the runway. Coming in at a close 2nd this season, I feel, is gray. Gray is such an adaptable color, you can basically pair it with anything and it works which makes forming outfits with it so much easier!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to play with looks and get daring. Both kids are wearing different kinds of layers in their outfits. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and try things a little outside the box believe me it usually works and makes your look have a lil more depth to it. 

I was really inspired by the Zara kids lookbook  on there website titled brothers & sisters. The neutral shades of the clothes popped in the images with nature as the backdrop & a dash of that sibling bond was simply amazing.

till next time mamas

Justin's Outfit Details:
Beanie: H&M
Shirt: Little boogaweezin
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Vans

Kaylee's Outfit Detail:
Beanie: Target
Dress: Gap
Shirt (tied at waist): Target
Boots: H&M

Friday, October 24, 2014

Twinning with your mini

I think right after I had my son (my first baby!) I was constantly unintentionally twinning with him. I remember walking out the door and halfway through a Target run realizing we were both wearing the same color. After I had my daughter I began totally intentionally twinning with her because it was so easy/fun to do so with a girl.

 Over the years I have began doing what I like to call collaborating with them. Sometimes I feel that an excessive matchy matchy outfit can look......well...tacky. Don't get me wronge every once  in awhile I see an amazingly pulled off twinning look thats sooo good!! Like my current fav from Kim K & baby North in that black Givenchy lace look, which was FLAWLESS!

BUT still most of the time its wayy too much & lets face it we have all seen it done wayy too many times right? In my "collabs" with my kids i like to include a same color pallet or perhaps in the same family and/or colors that work well with eachother. I love matching pieces that are almost identical but in different colors, or textures  that are similiar.

Here are a few of our recent collabs with my babies & just one matchy matchy twin because it was too cute not to copy her outfit 😊😉