Monday, April 28, 2014

LA's Wall Art // Melrose Ave

Theres so many things I find myself missing living out in the suburbs. We have lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles for about 4 years and the more time goes by, the more I realize I am not really sure I like living so far from the city or ocean. I have always , always had such a geniuine curiosity about wall art or otherwise known as graffiti. I love finding a new mural and just soaking it all in. It bringa me happiness, art in general but graffiti is so raw and real to me. All I have ever wanted to do is introduce my kids to everything and anything that I find beautiful. Its easier said than done the everyday grind exhausts you and sometimes I almost forget what excites me, what my hobbies and intrests were pre-mama! I have been showing my oldest, Justin,  a lot of new murals popping up around LA and told him I would love to add a segment on my blog that explores Los Angeles lost art from around the city.

On Sunday , with my husband at work, I decided it would be the perfect day to just take a drive and go exploring. I packed the kids a lunch , dressed everyone as fast as I could before any of the monkeys could oppose. I just jumped on the fwy at first not knowing where we were going (I do that a lot) and suddenly I thought hmm I havnt been to Melrose in awhile!

I have distinct memories of going to Melrose Ave, senior year with my gf's. It was one of our favorite places to shop for things nobody else had. I mean really EVERYONE at school was rocking Hollister , Pac Sun or Forever21 and well we just needed to stand out more! 

Once Justin realized what we were there for and that mommy was NOT going shopping (he kinda freaked out when he saw all the clothes stores) he got into it! We found sooo many new murals and pieces that I had never seen! The pieces were soo ellaborate and colorful. I was so excited to see the different artist work together (as it looked to me) and combine their different styles! I am pretty sure Justins favorite was the wall dedicated to the book "Where the Wild Things Are". I hope you enjoy our picks of the day! I am sure I could do a few more segmants on Melrose Ave alone we didnt even get to explore all the pieces there!! 

Till next time friends!