Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Birthday you never forget.

Lets take it back, wayyyyy back. I had just finished my 2nd semester of college with straight A's! Next thing I know I am pregnant and my life turned upside DOWN! I gave birth 2 months after I had turned 20 and quickly became a single mother by the age of 21. I spent years struggling to find my place in life , single and with a child. I often struggled with my own need to grow and be independent while also being there for Justin, keeping in mind he might be my only baby for awhilllllle (since I had started so young and not prepared).

       I was able to stay home with him for 2 years and tried my hardest to cherish every single moment. This year I look at our lives and just cry because Justin and I have lived many lives together. More importantly in a realistic way grew up together! 

      The reason this birthday has been really hard on me is because something in him changed. He has become a big kid. He talks differently, he thinks differently. Heck he even walks different?! He is more aware of the world around him and NOTHING gets passed him. He can hold a real conversation and occasionally gives better advice than adults! He has become an amazing student and loves to read. And well he has changed. 

     As I sit here trying to write with huge tears rolling down my face . I tell myself well he grew up?!?? And its hard /happy/sad/joyful mainly sad because he was my first baby. I fought hard to give him a good life no matter  what  horrible and difficult circumstance life threw at me and I have so much I mean SO much to thank Justin when he is older because he changed   me and gave me the motivation and more importantly the determination to be a better person. So yes this is the birthday I will never forget for its when my baby officially grew up into a big kid! :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mothers Day Giveaway !!! (CLOSED)

Hey lovies so I have teamed up with a fellow mommy blogger Joy from to bring you this amazing Mothers Day Giveaway. We both thought it would be an amazing opportunity to celebrate motherhood and say thank you to all those mommy followers that help us get through the day.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Semi DIY Invitation idea for Kids

I used to watch a show on Food Network called Semi home cooked...or something like that. No clue if it still airs but seriously that show taught me a huge lesson! Sometimes you can take short cuts but still make something your own!

My eldest son is turning 7 in a few weeks and we decided on a circus themed birthday party! It is going to be his first birthday party with school friends so he is super excited!

Lately I have been using my personal facebook to invite our family and friends just because it soo much easier but since I had to make invites to give his school friends I decided I would go all out and give our family and friends an old fashion invite as well. So pathetic I know but with facebook it is seriously just a few clicks and I have an evite sort of speak. Anyways back to the invites I had looked on many other sites that make personalized invites and everything was so pricey. This is gonna be a huge birthday and I needed at least 40 invites so I decided to keep looking.

 I have been OBSESSED with Etsy for about 3 years now so I went on Etsy and looked up Circus Invites and found a bunch of people are now doing digital copies. They personalize each card to your information and sell you a digital copy that they send via email for you to print as many invites as you need. This particular one I ordered from Lovepartyinvites:

This was the first time I had ever purchased a digital file from etsy so I had SO many questions and Tirso the owner was very patient and kind and  answered all my concerns. It was super easy after purchasing I sent him all the personalized details needed for the party and within a day he emailed me a rough draft of what the invites would look like. After confirming with him that everything was correct I got my printable digital copy to start printing from home. I bought semi gloss paper and was able to print as many as I needed for the party.

I then thought it would be so cute to make a little envelope that explodes with confetti when you open it to really give it that circus surprise.

HOW to create an envelope effect:

-Tissue Paper
-Washi Tape

1. I used gift wrapping Tissue paper and I cut one down the middle.  I placed the invite inside , filled it with confetti I purchased at target and folded in both sides of the tissue paper in. as shown in the photo.
2. I then got the tipes and folded them inward like triangles. sort of as if you were to be wrapping a gift and the steps you follow to fold in the sides.
3. Fold in the tips of the triangles both bottom and top.
4. Fold upward the bottom triangle and then the top over the bottom
5. use the washi tape to seal
6. tie the string into a bow.
I hope I explained that well I felt kind of retarded trying to work oragami. Anyways I am so excited to work on this party for my son . Having a circus theme is going to be so fun . I cant wait till the day of to share photos of his actual party its going to be so amazing.