Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vising Santa!

Ever since last year when I took Kaylee and Justin to visit Santa I wanted to make  a tradition out of it. Well that is as long as they both or one will do it. This year is extra special for me because I think it might be the last year my oldest kinda believes in Santa. He has said a few comments earlier this season that almost broke my heart, but the closer it gets to Christmas I have hope that he still kinda believes in it. These are the photos that I plan on looking back on and showing my grandchildren how there parents were throughout the years. I already appreciate these types of photo now and often find myself looking at how much they have grown in just one year.  Time is flying by so quick and I want to really soak in the moments of being a mommy to just two because soon I will be a mommy of 3 (I am NOT prego yet) and I feel like lifes going to get crazy.

Last year I didn't dress the kids up at all and I remember thinking ummm ok we shall fix that for next year ( Justins angry bird shirt haunted me for a while). . I still didn't get them as dolled up as I saw a lot of other kids but at least they were more presentable. Actually a lot more presentable and might I add how obsessed I am with Kaylees band sweater from Gap.

My new mommy friend Christie went with me and her two kids Brody and Darby , which are right around my kids ages. The kids had a whole afternoon of terrorizing the mall and we ended up staying for dinner. I was anticipating Kaylee to be ok with Santa this year because she has recently started to be ok with the Disneyland Characters at Disneyland. I was expecting her full cheese smile to steal the show.

Check out this tiny video of our day. I will be posting the Infamous Santa photo tonight 12/12/13 at 8pm Pacific Time.....Enjoy!