Monday, May 5, 2014

Kaylee's Mini•Style

     You know what I love about LA other than the beaches and amazing, year round weather?! The fashion inspiration!! Its everywhere you look. LA style fashion is so uniquely its own. I have argued with people about that and NO I am not claiming to be in some high fashion league with New York or Paris or even Italy. I am simply saying that our style here is SO our own and well I love it (perhaps slightly biased I suppose) . These photos, once again, were taken along the backside streets of Melrose Blvd a street fashion paradise sort of speak. The people there scream an independant fashion vibe that I have always respected and loved!

       My daughters style is constantly evolving with her . She goes through these phases and we go along with it in her fashion style. Lately we are entering the late 2's which are full of rebelious temper tantrums yet love poems they give you now that their vocabulary is exploding! She can be screaming her head off one minute and stroking my hair behind my ear telling me im a beautiful princess the next! So i have been mixing up her girly with her tomboy attitude. Her bright pinks with a dash of leather. 

   I am so excited for this summer because we will be doing a lot more fashion posts on here along with my favorites lists each month! 

Till next time mini fashionistas!

••Kaylee's Outfit Details••
Sunglasses: Target
Tank Top: Bobo Choses 
Pants (but really a romper): Gap
Sandals: Target
White Jean Jacket: Target