Sunday, September 11, 2011

The end of my Pregnancy journey #2

Being pregnant this second time around I felt it much harder than my first. I had so much more responsibility to deal with during the pregnancy that I didn't have time to just stop and complain hence one reason why I started my youtube channel. Not many of my family and friends knew about it but I found it such an outlet to vent once a week about my symptoms and found a lot of other mommies who felt the same way I did. I actually created a bond with many mommies on youtube and it was such a wonderful HI tech way of bonding! I love the new millennium =P Ok well back to the story, as the long awaited day approached as slowly as it could it did finally come. Kaylee Belle was born August 26th, 2011. This actually is a very special day to ME. My birthday is March 26 and my son’s birthday is May 26 so when I realized my due date (9/6/11) was semi close to a 26th I FREAKED. Ask anyone I was convinced she was to be born on this date...and you know what...she was. My water broke at 11:30 am so nobody can say I made it happen, she just knew this was her day and joined our lil 26th day family. I would like to confess that yes shortly after my water broke i DID turn my straightener iron on and fixed a few pieces and YES I did sit on my bed applying a tad bit of make-up, but really it was just to keep my mind off the fact that I was waiting for my husband to come home. Labor was a breeze and well here she is beautiful as ever home with the family!!! WE LOVE YOU KAYLEE BELLE!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prego Bootcamp Day 1

Prego Bootcamp Day 1

Today my other prego friend Gabby and I went for our first class of "Fit4baby" classes here in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We all met up in this beautiful park and was joined by other pregnant woman of all weeks. We had from 35 weeks down to 11 weeks. As the class started I realized this is NOT the stretching and yoga I had imagined it being, given we were asked to bring mats. This lady had us running, doing squats, doing jumping jacks and throwing ourselves down to the floor for a mini push up?...can u say PREGO BOOTCAMP? The instructor was pregnant herself and probably in the best shape of her life with energy that was seeping out of her eyes because she was just full forced with energy. I being 28 weeks pregnant was one of the most winded pregos there. I couldn't keep up. I really thought I was going to die. She actually yelled at me at one point when we were supposto be sprinting and I started power walking she yelled in my face "this is a workout class ladies". I felt like the biggest loser =(  It was my first day working out in about 7 to 8 months so I must continue and push through. I felt great afterwards which reminded me how much I love working out, but never did imagine myself working out this hard at 7 months pregnant. I would like to continue to blog my progress with weight and diet change because I have gone into the dark side of pregnancy and was allowing myself to indulge 100% in my chocolate craving lil miss K has been giving me. So as of today 28 weeks in I have gained 15 lbs. Today I drank nothing but water and had a salad for dinner. Follow my journey on this adventure for the rest of the pregnancy and lets see how it compares to not working out at all (which is what i did with my son)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letters to Baby K

Being pregnant with my baby girl has changed my outlook on being a mom. As a mother to a boy for the past 5 years I know am realizing the differences I feel in being a mother to a boy and to a girl. With Justin, as a women to a boy you feel more like a protecter and watcher. My life experiences are hard to pass on directly to my son because I want him to have life experiences based on a boys point of view. His real father has not been involved in his life at all so my husband now is taking over that father mentor position which he has lacked all these years.

As for a little girl. I just feel like all my life experiences can directly help her make better decisions. I am a younge mother and still remember 1000% the feelings of losing a friend, your first heartbreak, the akward years and so much more. The older we get the more we lose the basic feelings that younge adolescents feel when something has gone wronge and the world feels like its going to end. Adulthood really toughens you up and makes you realize there are way worst things that can happen, but to a child that IS the worst thing that has happened to them and  its tough.

SO Letters to Baby K will be a new blog I will start for my daughter for her to read bits and pieces of life which i will print out and give to her as she grows up and experiences these things first hand.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Shower

My Baby Shower!

This is a little late but its better late than never. My baby shower was held May 21, 2011 at my sister in law's house. It was a garden themed baby shower with gerber daisies all over the place. This is my 2nd shower and I can't tell you how different it was from my last. I was 19 and my mother was so upset at the fact that i was becoming a teen mom. She cried the entire time and the atmosphere in the room was an overwhelming feeling of how i dissapointed everyone. I think the only person happy was me. OK well that was a path down memory lane. This shower was filled with love. Kennys family and mine both reunited again to celebrate the birth of our new baby girl! I had my bestest friends in the whole world join me! It was tons of fun we played a few games and opened gifts and ATE =) here are some photos I took , ENJOY!
Me and My Mommy

My highschool friend Cori and her daughter Lily

My co-worker Ronda and her children

My prego bestie also a highschool friend Gabby

my best friend Amy known her since 1st grade

my sons aunties Tawny and Lindsay
Natalie and I also a bestie from 1st grade

Friday, April 29, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant

Yay so we made it to 21 weeks. I loved filming in my hello kitty pj's!!! I am trying to start my blog to share more information that I normally dont in my videos because either I forget our just leave it out. I will start blogging more often too for advice on things I want to discuss out being a mommy. I have had a lot of fun so far filming and having new friends on youtube discuss similiar life paths. So many of you are prego and due sometime this summer and that is awsome!! Its sooo much better to have support during pregnancy especially when your Husbands/Bf's/significant others have no idea how you feel physically or emotionally. So thank you to all of you guys for making this pregnancy fun and bearable!