Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RIP Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder

This last week I feel like I have been living outside my body. Saying and hearing things about a dear friend of mine who passed away that I never imagined hearing at 28. I always knew death was something I would have to experience , just like everyone else , but nothing really prepares you for that feeling of deep emptiness and sorrow.

 I don't think I have yet to truly grasp the reality of the situation to be completely honest.  A week ago we lost a beautiful friend, mother , and overall woman. She and I had known eachother since we were 17. I met her in high school I was the new girl  who suddenly came in 11th grade and knew a few of her friends. She instantly took me in and it was just that instant click! She was so outspokenly sassy it almost always would catch me off guard when I would here the hilarious snappy remarks she would have to people when they upset her! She was always that girl you could literally spill your problems to for hours, in depth because she actually listened, wait until you were completely done, and then say something hilariously simple to make it all seem mundane .

After high school we all went our separate ways and lost touch for a while. Shortly after I had given birth to my oldest ,she heard and we started talking more regularly  again. She later gave birth to her first daughter, Mia and after that our new chapter in our high school friendship had been born. We helped eachother through some hard times as new, young mothers and just in general as adults going through huge ups & downs. She has always felt like a sister to me.

Last week on July 12,2014 around 10:44 pm she was in a terrible car accident as her husband & herself were leaving Lake Mead on Lakeshore Rd , mile marker 9. My sweet friend Joni tragically lost her life on that road & her husband is currently in an induced coma due to severe spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. She leaves behind two beautiful baby girls, Mia (4yrs) & Charlie (7mo). 

We have started a  fund to help the family with any funeral expenses . Whatever money they dont use for that we are giving to her two beautiful little girls to help them during this huge and painful transition in their lives.

 I am sharing my friends story to this community because I know I have a lot of mommy followers who could relate to the sorrow we all feel for this family. I ask you to help us unite and raise money for this family, share her story with others . My momma hearts been bleeding for those two girls . They will never get to grow up with their amazing mommy and know her like I did.

Its only been days and I already miss you so much. You will always be in my heart . You got your wings too early baby girl . I love you Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder, and you will forever be my soul sister.

For the rest of my life I will look for moments full of you.

Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder fund: