Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kaylee's Mini•Style

   You know your entering a new stage when your child is telling you what she will and will not wear. Kaylee even has an opinion on what we buy at the store.

Everyday I learn a little more about who she is as a child just buy watching her dress herself! There is a great quote by my all time favorite fashion icon , Rachel Zoe, where she said "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak". More truer words could not be said . I always get made fun of by my husband when I tell him the first thing I notice about people is what they are wearing. I can observe the way someone is dressed and know a lot about them in just a few minutes of silent observation. 

Going to start doing these more regularly so BE prepared!


Gray glitter bow: Target
White shirt: Target
Green Necklace: boutique in town
Brown Fur Vest: The children's place (selling same one New w/ Tags on my IG shop-SoCalMomsXpress!
Black & white stripped pants: Target
Shoes: Target

Till next time mini fashionistas! ✌️❤️