Saturday, November 1, 2014

the perfect skirt

I love those fashion moments when its love at first sight but even better when the piece works with you! I honestly believe that a big part of styling is fit and not everyone can pull off certain styles. 

had been browsing H&M online and found the most perfect pleather skirt Ihad  seen for at an affordable price. It was everything I was looking for, sexy but wearable as a mother, black and just enough of an edge to make it a nice staple piece for fall. Last spring I saw skirts coming out with a geometric cut at the bottom. They were huge! I really liked them because they were so different from skirts we have seen in recent times. 

The pleather has a slight stretch which makes it breathable and molds to your curves in a perfect way. I styled it with a tee made by . The tee is so soft and versatile. I love everything in their shop but especially this one! 

till next time mamas

Monday, October 27, 2014

Brother/Sister fall look

Well beanie weather has began here in Los Angeles....hahahahahah ya right but we can pretend right? Our high 70's will make all of us bring out the long sleeves because , well its just a lot better than the gross 100 degrees we had to endure a few months back. 

But beanies are making a come back and taking over. I absolutly love hats, especially beanies on kids. Beanies are so universal lately in fashion they can be dressed up or down which make them such a staple this fall/winter.

I also love this new pop of yellow that has come in this season. So unexpected for such a bright happy color to appear mid fall but it has. The more prominent color in the yellow family, standing as leader of the pack ,has been mustard. The darker shade of mustard, almost orangey, is everywhere on the runway. Coming in at a close 2nd this season, I feel, is gray. Gray is such an adaptable color, you can basically pair it with anything and it works which makes forming outfits with it so much easier!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to play with looks and get daring. Both kids are wearing different kinds of layers in their outfits. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and try things a little outside the box believe me it usually works and makes your look have a lil more depth to it. 

I was really inspired by the Zara kids lookbook  on there website titled brothers & sisters. The neutral shades of the clothes popped in the images with nature as the backdrop & a dash of that sibling bond was simply amazing.

till next time mamas

Justin's Outfit Details:
Beanie: H&M
Shirt: Little boogaweezin
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Vans

Kaylee's Outfit Detail:
Beanie: Target
Dress: Gap
Shirt (tied at waist): Target
Boots: H&M

Friday, October 24, 2014

Twinning with your mini

I think right after I had my son (my first baby!) I was constantly unintentionally twinning with him. I remember walking out the door and halfway through a Target run realizing we were both wearing the same color. After I had my daughter I began totally intentionally twinning with her because it was so easy/fun to do so with a girl.

 Over the years I have began doing what I like to call collaborating with them. Sometimes I feel that an excessive matchy matchy outfit can look......well...tacky. Don't get me wronge every once  in awhile I see an amazingly pulled off twinning look thats sooo good!! Like my current fav from Kim K & baby North in that black Givenchy lace look, which was FLAWLESS!

BUT still most of the time its wayy too much & lets face it we have all seen it done wayy too many times right? In my "collabs" with my kids i like to include a same color pallet or perhaps in the same family and/or colors that work well with eachother. I love matching pieces that are almost identical but in different colors, or textures  that are similiar.

Here are a few of our recent collabs with my babies & just one matchy matchy twin because it was too cute not to copy her outfit 😊😉


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RIP Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder

This last week I feel like I have been living outside my body. Saying and hearing things about a dear friend of mine who passed away that I never imagined hearing at 28. I always knew death was something I would have to experience , just like everyone else , but nothing really prepares you for that feeling of deep emptiness and sorrow.

 I don't think I have yet to truly grasp the reality of the situation to be completely honest.  A week ago we lost a beautiful friend, mother , and overall woman. She and I had known eachother since we were 17. I met her in high school I was the new girl  who suddenly came in 11th grade and knew a few of her friends. She instantly took me in and it was just that instant click! She was so outspokenly sassy it almost always would catch me off guard when I would here the hilarious snappy remarks she would have to people when they upset her! She was always that girl you could literally spill your problems to for hours, in depth because she actually listened, wait until you were completely done, and then say something hilariously simple to make it all seem mundane .

After high school we all went our separate ways and lost touch for a while. Shortly after I had given birth to my oldest ,she heard and we started talking more regularly  again. She later gave birth to her first daughter, Mia and after that our new chapter in our high school friendship had been born. We helped eachother through some hard times as new, young mothers and just in general as adults going through huge ups & downs. She has always felt like a sister to me.

Last week on July 12,2014 around 10:44 pm she was in a terrible car accident as her husband & herself were leaving Lake Mead on Lakeshore Rd , mile marker 9. My sweet friend Joni tragically lost her life on that road & her husband is currently in an induced coma due to severe spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. She leaves behind two beautiful baby girls, Mia (4yrs) & Charlie (7mo). 

We have started a  fund to help the family with any funeral expenses . Whatever money they dont use for that we are giving to her two beautiful little girls to help them during this huge and painful transition in their lives.

 I am sharing my friends story to this community because I know I have a lot of mommy followers who could relate to the sorrow we all feel for this family. I ask you to help us unite and raise money for this family, share her story with others . My momma hearts been bleeding for those two girls . They will never get to grow up with their amazing mommy and know her like I did.

Its only been days and I already miss you so much. You will always be in my heart . You got your wings too early baby girl . I love you Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder, and you will forever be my soul sister.

For the rest of my life I will look for moments full of you.

Joni Marie Boothman-Ryder fund:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Kaylee's Mini•Style

     You know what I love about LA other than the beaches and amazing, year round weather?! The fashion inspiration!! Its everywhere you look. LA style fashion is so uniquely its own. I have argued with people about that and NO I am not claiming to be in some high fashion league with New York or Paris or even Italy. I am simply saying that our style here is SO our own and well I love it (perhaps slightly biased I suppose) . These photos, once again, were taken along the backside streets of Melrose Blvd a street fashion paradise sort of speak. The people there scream an independant fashion vibe that I have always respected and loved!

       My daughters style is constantly evolving with her . She goes through these phases and we go along with it in her fashion style. Lately we are entering the late 2's which are full of rebelious temper tantrums yet love poems they give you now that their vocabulary is exploding! She can be screaming her head off one minute and stroking my hair behind my ear telling me im a beautiful princess the next! So i have been mixing up her girly with her tomboy attitude. Her bright pinks with a dash of leather. 

   I am so excited for this summer because we will be doing a lot more fashion posts on here along with my favorites lists each month! 

Till next time mini fashionistas!

••Kaylee's Outfit Details••
Sunglasses: Target
Tank Top: Bobo Choses 
Pants (but really a romper): Gap
Sandals: Target
White Jean Jacket: Target


Monday, April 28, 2014

LA's Wall Art // Melrose Ave

Theres so many things I find myself missing living out in the suburbs. We have lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles for about 4 years and the more time goes by, the more I realize I am not really sure I like living so far from the city or ocean. I have always , always had such a geniuine curiosity about wall art or otherwise known as graffiti. I love finding a new mural and just soaking it all in. It bringa me happiness, art in general but graffiti is so raw and real to me. All I have ever wanted to do is introduce my kids to everything and anything that I find beautiful. Its easier said than done the everyday grind exhausts you and sometimes I almost forget what excites me, what my hobbies and intrests were pre-mama! I have been showing my oldest, Justin,  a lot of new murals popping up around LA and told him I would love to add a segment on my blog that explores Los Angeles lost art from around the city.

On Sunday , with my husband at work, I decided it would be the perfect day to just take a drive and go exploring. I packed the kids a lunch , dressed everyone as fast as I could before any of the monkeys could oppose. I just jumped on the fwy at first not knowing where we were going (I do that a lot) and suddenly I thought hmm I havnt been to Melrose in awhile!

I have distinct memories of going to Melrose Ave, senior year with my gf's. It was one of our favorite places to shop for things nobody else had. I mean really EVERYONE at school was rocking Hollister , Pac Sun or Forever21 and well we just needed to stand out more! 

Once Justin realized what we were there for and that mommy was NOT going shopping (he kinda freaked out when he saw all the clothes stores) he got into it! We found sooo many new murals and pieces that I had never seen! The pieces were soo ellaborate and colorful. I was so excited to see the different artist work together (as it looked to me) and combine their different styles! I am pretty sure Justins favorite was the wall dedicated to the book "Where the Wild Things Are". I hope you enjoy our picks of the day! I am sure I could do a few more segmants on Melrose Ave alone we didnt even get to explore all the pieces there!! 

Till next time friends!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Arrow and Aspen L O V E

   I am seriously starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about Instagram but I  have honestly met so many people through this tiny little app. Instagram has single handedly connected me to SO many amazing woman and mothers in such a short period of time.

      I started following Arrow and Aspen last year and quickly realized this woman was seriously super woman. She is a drop dead gorgeous mother of 4 beautiful children (2boys and 2 girls)  , lives by the beach, AND owns her own company. I mean seriously is there anything this woman cant do. Not to mention her creativity explodes in her home décor and has to be one of my top favorite home decors on my feed.

    Arrow and Aspen is a perfect representation of the So Cal lifestyle. Its fun, colorful, daring, and carefree traits that California is all about. I have been dying to get my hands on so many pieces she carries and finally decided to purchase the print I had my eye on.  The eye of the tiger print caught my attention because it symbolizes my son so well. We literally designed his entire room around this print and I LOVE how it all turned out (see previous post here). When we received our package I realized she had stuck in a few gifts for my sweet Kaylee Belle . The eye of the tiger long sleeve has to be one of the softest shirts my daughter owns. Kaylee was so excited that she had a shirt that matched her big brothers rooms. The "I believe in magic" Unicorn print that she gave us was a perfect addition to Kaylees girly side of the room. My heart was so grateful for this sweet gesture shared by a woman I look up to so much. She is everything I dream of for my life, successful, beach living and more babies. Thank you so much sweet friend I wish you all the success and happiness in the world.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Urban Walls Review.

Ever since I moved out on my own I have been obsessed with wall decals. I absolutely love how they can change and add spunk to an entire room so easily. They are versatile and changeable and gives the room an extra depth of décor.

One of my friends on Instagram ArrowandAspen was one of the first people I followed that introduced me to the brand.  Urban Walls is a family owned online decal boutique. They have one of the most extensive list of decals I have ever ran into, with so many different kinds of decal, sizes and colors. I think I could spend days going through their website swooning over all the different kinds. It was so hard for me to decide which decal I wanted but after all the amazing customer feedback photos they post on their Instagram I finally decided that the black triangles would be perfect for my sons room.

I am re-decorating his room into a more "older kid" room, and its been kind of a hard process. We were trying to eliminate the primary color palette we had used in his room for years (reds,blues,ect.)  and more basic colors. He picked out his tiger duvet cover from H&M and we have literally gone off of that for the rest of the room.

The decals arrived in a cylinder container that protected the decals perfectly. When we opened up the container we found sheets of paper with two protective pieces protecting the actual decal. They came with instructions that were very easy to follow and they were very straight forward. which I greatly appreciated because lets face it I have no patience to read an entire booklet.  First I cleaned the wall to make sure to get any unwanted grime off it , I used a magic eraser but I am sure you can use a wet cloth of any sorts. Next I measured out exactly how I wanted the decals and where by using light pencil marks and a ruler to figure out spacing. This was the hardest part for me because I wasn't sure how I wanted them I mean I had an idea but the spacing threw me off because there were endless possibilities. Next I cut out the decals, in my case they were triangles and I cut them into squares around the triangle. I taped them directly onto the walls in places I had identified  with my pencil markings. This helped me get a better idea of how the wall would look, by taking a step back to look at the overall wall. After playing around with the measurements I felt content with their location and was ready to commit. The actual peeling off the layers and sticking onto the wall was VERY easy and quite fun actually.

My son was at school when I put them up and his face when he got home was priceless. I love how they have added such spunk to his room. It took us so long to figure out how to decorate his pace and I really couldn't be any more pleased with the results.
Thank you again Urban Walls from the bottom of our hearsds my son LOVES his room now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kaylee's•mini style // Geo Fox Apparel

       I cant think of a better way to shop  than supporting small business, and even better when that small business is owned by someone I look up to so much.  Its been so awesome  watching one of my IG friends follow her dreams and start her own business. I started following Sarah Fox , sefox,  about a year ago on Instagram. She is a beautiful , mother of 2 boys , from southern California. A few months ago her husband and her launched Geo Fox which  is an online children's apparel shop. The first line that launched late last year was killer. Their printed shirts have the most unique phrases and the quality of the shirts are super soft. I was obsessed with their pants, that in my option are totally  unisex.   They just released little bits of the next spring collection and Its absolutely perfection. I mean they have a kimono for toddlers, it seriously doesn't get any better than that.  I cannot wait to purchase new pieces from this new line and make outfits out of those for my lil Kaylee Belle. Go check them out they will not disappoint!!

Website: Geo Fox Apparel
Facebook: Geo Fox on Facebook

Till Next time mini fashionistas ✌️❤️

+Kaylees Outfit Details+

Turban: KissesLola
Shirt: Geo Fox
Leggings: Scruptious for Babies R Us

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tiny Whales// t-shirt obsessed

I always find it so hard to find my son cool clothes. When he was born, almost 8 years ago, (give me a moment while I shed a tear), they had NOTHING cute . Everything was baby blue (blah) or had bears on it. I have seen SO many adorably  cute baby clothes and toddler company's coming it out the last few years that it almost makes me excited to have another boy. I am most definitely suffering from major baby fever if you hadn't noticed yet.

I ran into Tiny Whales via Instagram as I do most things lately. Tiny Whales is a Los Angeles based children/adult clothing line. Their SS14 launched about a week ago and my family has been obsessed with all of their new items. Its so rare for my son and I to agree on anything these days but luckily he has began trusting me a little more with his style and when I showed him the new t-shirts they came out with he wanted them all. We ordered one to test out size (he's huge for being 7 and wears a 10). When it arrived he loved it. The material of the shirt is so soft and the graphics are bright and bold. Sizing runs a little on the smaller size so I would advise to order a size up. We now have a wish list forming for Kaylee and Justin but these are a few of my favorites that we will be purchasing for Justin for this spring/summer. The Last t-shirt is from a previous line released by Tiny Whales but it continues to be one of our favorites.

+Justin's Outfit Details+
Hat- Of one Sea
Shirt- Tiny Whales
Pants- Shawn White collection for Target