Friday, October 24, 2014

Twinning with your mini

I think right after I had my son (my first baby!) I was constantly unintentionally twinning with him. I remember walking out the door and halfway through a Target run realizing we were both wearing the same color. After I had my daughter I began totally intentionally twinning with her because it was so easy/fun to do so with a girl.

 Over the years I have began doing what I like to call collaborating with them. Sometimes I feel that an excessive matchy matchy outfit can look......well...tacky. Don't get me wronge every once  in awhile I see an amazingly pulled off twinning look thats sooo good!! Like my current fav from Kim K & baby North in that black Givenchy lace look, which was FLAWLESS!

BUT still most of the time its wayy too much & lets face it we have all seen it done wayy too many times right? In my "collabs" with my kids i like to include a same color pallet or perhaps in the same family and/or colors that work well with eachother. I love matching pieces that are almost identical but in different colors, or textures  that are similiar.

Here are a few of our recent collabs with my babies & just one matchy matchy twin because it was too cute not to copy her outfit 😊😉


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