Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school tricks for Kids!

Hey guys so I may have mentioned how slightly OCD I can be about organization. So I wanted to share with you my tricks to getting the kids back on a schedule for school!

If you scroll down below you will see a mon-fri chart. My personal one has an AM, homework, room , PM and the occasional trash days. Each one stands for specific goals I need him to achieve in order to receive a sticker. Oh and by the way that was bought in the $1 section of Target , which I might add is my favorite section!!

Anyways back to this briefly I will go over what these things mean. AM and PM are veryyy similar basically teeth brushed, get up/ or go to bed without being told a million times. Homework is basic , JUST DO it! Room means keep it some sort of tidiness my main issue with my son is keeping his tiny legos off the floor!! And trash is my sons only chore really which on days where he has no HW he an help take out the trash.

Furthermore if you look at the family calendar underneath that you see that all the goals are written on the bottom with there maximum goals for the month and each week we write how many he has earned! This will earn him a prize depending on how close to the goal he has accomplished! This is my way of inspiring him to do good and I just wanted to share this with you guys make sure to catch my video on this topic on

Bye bye mommyville moms! Tell next time!

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