Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kaylee's 17 Month Toddler Update

Well today, January 26,2013 my little peanut turns 17 months. That is almost halfway through her 2nd year of life. I have been an emotional wreck lately with the realization that both of my kids are growing up. Thats the beauty that comes with being a mom a suppose so I better get used to it really quick.

Besides mom being emotional Miss Kaylee Belle has done a lot of growing this month. She is weighing in at about 23lbs. Her sleep schedule is pretty routine at this point. She wakes up every morning at 7:30, takes her only nap at 11:30-1 pm and goes to bed at 8:30pm. Her appetitie has been growing a lot lately she has her 3 sit down meals and than snacks all day on fruit it seems. Her favorite foods at the moment are rice (all sorts of rice,fried,spanish,white ect), Turkey hotdogs,sausage, and and kinds of fruit LOVES fruit.

Kaylee has now turned on Barney. She used to love Barneys videos and now she hates him. Its all about Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. She will yell across the room if she see's anything related to Mickey or Minnie. She has previously been to Disneyland twice but NOW that shes obsessed with Minnie and Mickey I can't wait to take her because shes gonna be even more thrilled. We are taking our next trip late February early March. She is also obsessed with Dogs. She likes to bark at dogs when they walk by its really cute. She also loves to dance, anytime she hears a good song she likes to get down to it.

As of late I am unable to comfortably take Kaylee to resturants. As a family we have always gone to resturants, a lot. BUT now its just so much of an effort on my part to keep her calm and not screaming or crying because her attention span to sit in one spot is so little. When we DO go I have to bring an arsenal of toys, and /or activities. I think I overreact a little but I have always been very conscience that I wasnt the mom with the screaming child anywhere I go in public. Luckily I know this is just a stage and soon enough we will be able to enjoy ourselves as a family again in a resturant . That is the beautiful thing about being a 2nd time parent you know what to expect.

If you havnt already Subscribe to my youtube channel I just posted a video on Kaylees 17 month update  click here ------->Kaylees 17 Month update

First picture is what Kaylee does when she see's a dog!! Ahahah barks and then pants like a doggie! Have an amazing Saturday ladies! Till next time!

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