Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letters to Baby K

Being pregnant with my baby girl has changed my outlook on being a mom. As a mother to a boy for the past 5 years I know am realizing the differences I feel in being a mother to a boy and to a girl. With Justin, as a women to a boy you feel more like a protecter and watcher. My life experiences are hard to pass on directly to my son because I want him to have life experiences based on a boys point of view. His real father has not been involved in his life at all so my husband now is taking over that father mentor position which he has lacked all these years.

As for a little girl. I just feel like all my life experiences can directly help her make better decisions. I am a younge mother and still remember 1000% the feelings of losing a friend, your first heartbreak, the akward years and so much more. The older we get the more we lose the basic feelings that younge adolescents feel when something has gone wronge and the world feels like its going to end. Adulthood really toughens you up and makes you realize there are way worst things that can happen, but to a child that IS the worst thing that has happened to them and  its tough.

SO Letters to Baby K will be a new blog I will start for my daughter for her to read bits and pieces of life which i will print out and give to her as she grows up and experiences these things first hand.

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