Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kaylee's 18 Month Update

Hi mommy friends!!!!
Kaylee Belle has gut her mid year mark of her (technically) her 2nd year of life but that sounds weird soooo lets just say she is half way through her 1's haha. My little monkey now weighs in at a 24.6 lbs! I have been told A LOT lately she is tall for her age which is quite funny because her dad nor I are tall! She still fits in her 12-18 month clothing but I am now starting to buy her 2T because she is quickly outgrowing everything! She wears size 4 diapers, which I find strange because she has been in that size FOREVER! I have noticed a decrease in appetite. Compared to last month where she was eating all the time she now is so finicky. I have not began to worry yet because this could be a stage which a lot of toddlers go through or remnants of the stomach bug that hit us all! I also discussed in build her social skills with other children. I have loved 2 her grow each week we go! She is still in a love affair with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!! Daddy actually just got us an annual pass to Disneyland an we r going March 8th for (her 3rd time and Justins 4th time) and I am REALLy excited to see her face freak out every time she sees a Mickey or minnie because she literally shrieks of excitement!!! Kaylee still can't get over dogs! Every time she see's one she just chases them barking at them its so cute!!!
I think that about it guys thanks for following us on this amazing journey into motherhood and being a SAH wife :) till next time!!!

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