Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toddler Life: Tips on Feeding your Toddler

Hey Lovies!!!!
I am very excited about this blog post! I have been working on this for you guys for awhile! I have come up with a few tips on feeding your toddler!

1. Keep things COLORFUL!
When building your childs plate keep in mind colors. Adults as well as children eat with there eyes its one o our most powerful instincts as humans when we are learning to eat so play it up!

Toddlers have tiny stomachs so their portions should be tiny too. Always start with less if they want more GREAT! If not than u don't A. Waste food and B. you are not visually overwhelming them. If there stomach said "I am just a little hungry" and their eyes see a lot of food, 9 out of 10 times they will shut down and not eat anything

3. Keep offering time & time again!
Alright so did you know it takes 21 days of consecutive anything to form a habit? Food for thought when your child refuses to try something nee! Keep offering it until they try it and then again until they like it!! Be persistent !

4. Water ONLY!
 am a firm believer in this rule and follow it with both of my kids as well as myself actually. Meal times are for eating your nutrients not drinking it. Especially with toddlers as they are in the introduction stage of eating they should not be having any liquid "sugars". This confuses the mind and the stomach an usually triggers the "I am full" state. This tip works especially well with those super picky eaters too!

5. Keep things in season!
Pretty basic....fruits and vegtables just taste better in season! Do your research when buying your produce. Most of the time you can just look at prices ! If something is outrageously priced your more than likely looking at a produce that is NOT in season.

When we become parents we all have an idea of what are kid friendly meals even gerber tells us what they are. But as a parent of 2 I have learned to offer my kids EVERYTHING we eat! This broadens there palette and creates less picky eaters! Also makes eating out fun because they are not stuck to ordering off the kids menu!

Thank you for reading! Below I have pictures of Kaylee's meals for the past week or 2 ( give or take). I hope it helps give you guys some Meal Ideas if you are stuck in a rut. These are not the most unique foods. It was just a plain old normal week. I will do these more often as I try new lunch and dinner ideas because I myself am in a rut! Ahhh the truths about Motherhood! :)


1. Sliced Bananas, Scrabled Eggs, Bacon and Blueberries. 2. Scrambled Eggs with Turkey hotdogs, Bacon, Toast with butter, and sliced peaches. 3. Sausage, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Toast w/ butter, and sliced peaches. 4. Cinnoman Toast Waffles, sliced mango, string cheese, Trix cereal.

1.  Organic White Chedder Mac and Cheese, peas, chedder slices, strawberry slices, and goldfishes. 2. Mac and Cheese, boiled chicken slices, peaches, and break. 3. Goldfishes, string cheese, fruit cup medley, white rice and Turkey Hotdogs slices. 4. Mandarins, Peanut Butter, Turkey Lunch Meat, Ritz crackers, and String Cheese.

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly, goldfishes, strawberry slices, and blueberries. 2. Mandarins, Veggie Chips, Oven baked potatoe, salami, and provolone. 3. Turkey Hot dogs, ritz crackers , string cheese, blueberries, goldfishes, and strawberry slices. 4. Milanesa de pollo (breadcrumb crusted chicken), corn, mandarins, and bananas

1. Herb baked chicken, brocali and cheese, white rice, pease, and string cheese. 2. Cuban fried pork, white rice, cuban black beans, and corn. 3. Bbq chicken, mac and cheese, corn/peas and sliced peaches. 4. Cheese tortallini in pesto sauce, pesto/garlic sausage, garlic bread and peas. 5. Taco seasoned Turkey meat, spanish rice, shredded chedder, corn/peas and strawberry slices. 6. Turkey Meatballs and spagetti, garlic bread and peas. 7.Herb crusted pork chops, mashed potatoes, garlic/cheesy bread, and steamed carrots



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