Sunday, July 21, 2013

M O M M Y•≫fashion diary

      Earlier this week the family went on a super random family trip (which I will blog about in the next few days and post lots of pictures). Anyways we found the most amazing restaurant right on the marina overlooking the San Diego skyline called Island Prime. I feel like we got there at the most perfect time because when we arrived it was just before the sun was about to set so we saw the skyline in the daytime and as the sunset we saw the lights of the buildings all flicker on and it just gave the kids an amazing view while we ate. My youngest is at a difficult age in restaurants because she's just very high energy and doesn't want to sit in one spot for too long but she did so well here. The food was delicious! Mainly seafood dishes but my favorite part was the presentation it was all so beautiful! The view behind us was the skyline and the view to the left of us was just water. The part of the restaurant we were at, sits on top of the rocks on the shore of the marina so it feels like your floating over the ocean.

     I was very excited to finally get to wear my necklace I had purchased a few weeks ago from  The Oxford Trunk . The best part of this necklace is that it was just as bright and vibrant as in the photo on the website.  I fell in love with this necklace when I was browsing  the company's Instagram, where a model was featured wearing this necklace along with the most gorgeous kimono eveeeer. I love the fact that they have amazing and unique pieces for such an affordable price. You will definitely be seeing tons more of there pieces on my Mommy fashion diaries.

Outfit Details:
Orange Knot Necklace: The Oxford Trunk
Tank Top: Target
Aztec print Harem pants: g-stage
Sandals: Target

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