Monday, July 22, 2013

Our San Diego/San Clemente Family Trip 2013

As you all know my husband works in the film and television industry and his schedules SUCK sometimes. There is usually no such thing as weekend off or 9 to 5 hours. Since we have been back from our honeymoon my husband has been making up for lost time and worked non stop, 11 days straight to be exact! So last Tuesday he had off and we randomly packed the kids. And headed down south a few hours to San Diego! Random trips like these are common with my husband and I. We can be compulsive and egg each other on with our spontaneity. We had no idea what we were going to do but we made a quick reservation at the Sheraton by the marina and hit the road! The kids are always so good in the car! As soon as we got there we checked in, dropped our stuff off in our room and went down to the pool to swim and have lunch! We stayed at the pool for a looking time due to the fact that both my monkeys are fish they love the water! We showered and made reservations at an amazing restaurant which I go more into detail in my previous post and then drove the kids to downtown San Diego for a late night ice cream stop!

We had originally planned to stay just one night but we were having so much fun that we wanted to stay another night! Due to Comi Con , only the biggest convention that is hosted in San Diego, our hotel was completely booked so we hit the road. We decided to take the scenic route home along Pacific Coast highway to enjoy the ocean scenery and all the beautiful landscape Southern California has to offer. As we were passing San Clemente my husband decided to pull in and show the family one of his favorite little beach towns ever! We ran into beachcombers a tiny little inn by the beach! There sign outside said NO Vacancy but we were so in love with its view that I begged my husband to just go in and ask. Lucky for us they had one room available and we decided to stay! I don't think I can describe t you it's amazing location (pictures below might help) It was beautiful!!!!

If there is one thing I love about my family is that you can take us anywhere and we find ways to make it fun! I was so proud of the kids for being so well behaved and completely out of there element! I always sit back and think how my life functioned without these two little monkeys and this amazing man by my side! I am grateful I have these memories to share with them when they are older and looking forward to so many more adventures with them in the future!!!

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