Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kaylee's >> Fashion Diary

Well as you all know I stopped doing these due to my sweet little baby turning into a crazy toddler! Today she finally started posing again and I just had to document it!

     Today two of my mommy friends and I went on a "play date" of sorts with our youngest kids. We had 3 kids in all. All 2 and under which made it quite intresting! First we spent a few hours around Ikea shopping. I love Ikea so much but Kaylee truely makes shopping a pain in the booty. She screams demands, wants down, and climbs all over everything. After what felt like an eternity we went across the street and lunched at California Pizza Kitchen and tried to unwind a little! I feel so blessed to have amazing Mommy friends! In all I think our mommy date was a success!

::Outfit Details::

Fox Sweater: Cherokee for Target
Black Peter Pan Collar Shirt: Joe Fresh for JC Penny
Argyle print leggings: Joe Fresh for JC Penny
Black Boots: Cherokee for Target

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