Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Valentine's for the Kids

Hey lovies!!!
It's almost Valentines day!!!! Its one of my favorite holiday's decoration wise because I LOVE pink, red, and white anything and especially hearts!!!! My son has been crafting with me since he was little and this year we found this neat idea to change up his boring lil paper vday cards to take to school! This project is fun and easy for even toddlers! We let Kaylee go at it and it was pretty cute to see her try to paint a clothes pin hanger.

Supplies Needed:
- wooden clothespin hangers
- fuzzy pipe cleaner sticks (black)
- snack size bags
- acrylic paints (in a few festive colors)
- scissors
- small goggly eyes
- some type of glue. Hot glue gun works best but you may also use a more kids friendly glue such as tacky glue :(


1. You need to cut your pipe cleaners. These will be your butterflies ears about 1 inch is good!
2. Now you need to paint and decorate your clothes pin hangers. Make sure to do one side at a time to insure each side is dry and to avoid smudges. ( to create polka dots I used a q-tips)

3. Once completely dry you now can glue your goggly eyes and antennas (fuzzy pipe cleaners) or whatever those things on top of butterflies are! Haha

4. Fill your plastic baggies half way with any candy of your choice! Make sure you can squeeze the middle with your finger so don't over fill. Squeeze the air out and close.
5. Last you will clip in your clothes pin down the center of the bag. Keep the top seal of the baggie straight and squish the excess baggie into the clip!

Super easy right!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you would like to see a video tutorial click on the video below!!!

Bye ladies talk to you soon!! XOXO

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