Friday, April 26, 2013

•When your children are Sick•

Before I ever became a mother I would hear other mothers say "I cant make it my childs sick" and sometimes I'd roll my eyes and think hmmm ya nice way to use your kids. And while I still believe parents DO use this excuse to get out of things. When they are not using it as an excuse it is seriously a life stopper. Its hard to understand the concept of the pain a parent feels when there children are sick. My heart feels like it cant beat till I know they feel better. I suddenly become a nurse and do anything to help my children's pain go away. On Thursday morning around 4 am Kaylee woke up with a faint whine that as a mother YOU know isn't normal. When I got to her she was beyooond hot. I tend to go by instinct in the way I mother and knew her fever was beyond high and rushed for tylenol while her father is more factual and went running for the thermometer . She showed no previous symptoms of sickness so I blamed teething, naturally. It is now Friday 12 am and we are still battling this unknown fever. Which brought me to this post. I have my daughter asleep next to me. Which is rare as we do not co sleep but I cant help but have her here just to be able to comfort her. Our children are extensions of our heart and soul. Until you have your own child this feeling of overwhelming love and determination to make sure they are ok is so crazy to really stop and think about. Most days I am a robot and don't truly appreciate these feelings. This is what life is all about, I think.

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