Friday, March 14, 2014

Urban Walls Review.

Ever since I moved out on my own I have been obsessed with wall decals. I absolutely love how they can change and add spunk to an entire room so easily. They are versatile and changeable and gives the room an extra depth of décor.

One of my friends on Instagram ArrowandAspen was one of the first people I followed that introduced me to the brand.  Urban Walls is a family owned online decal boutique. They have one of the most extensive list of decals I have ever ran into, with so many different kinds of decal, sizes and colors. I think I could spend days going through their website swooning over all the different kinds. It was so hard for me to decide which decal I wanted but after all the amazing customer feedback photos they post on their Instagram I finally decided that the black triangles would be perfect for my sons room.

I am re-decorating his room into a more "older kid" room, and its been kind of a hard process. We were trying to eliminate the primary color palette we had used in his room for years (reds,blues,ect.)  and more basic colors. He picked out his tiger duvet cover from H&M and we have literally gone off of that for the rest of the room.

The decals arrived in a cylinder container that protected the decals perfectly. When we opened up the container we found sheets of paper with two protective pieces protecting the actual decal. They came with instructions that were very easy to follow and they were very straight forward. which I greatly appreciated because lets face it I have no patience to read an entire booklet.  First I cleaned the wall to make sure to get any unwanted grime off it , I used a magic eraser but I am sure you can use a wet cloth of any sorts. Next I measured out exactly how I wanted the decals and where by using light pencil marks and a ruler to figure out spacing. This was the hardest part for me because I wasn't sure how I wanted them I mean I had an idea but the spacing threw me off because there were endless possibilities. Next I cut out the decals, in my case they were triangles and I cut them into squares around the triangle. I taped them directly onto the walls in places I had identified  with my pencil markings. This helped me get a better idea of how the wall would look, by taking a step back to look at the overall wall. After playing around with the measurements I felt content with their location and was ready to commit. The actual peeling off the layers and sticking onto the wall was VERY easy and quite fun actually.

My son was at school when I put them up and his face when he got home was priceless. I love how they have added such spunk to his room. It took us so long to figure out how to decorate his pace and I really couldn't be any more pleased with the results.
Thank you again Urban Walls from the bottom of our hearsds my son LOVES his room now.

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