Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kaylees Mini•Style

I have been having so much fun finding inspiration for Kaylee's outfits lately!! There is so much fashion media now a days everywhere. It makes fashionso accessible to everyone now! I often take bits and pieces from main stream fashion but make sure to keep it childAPPROVES, as I call it, because seriously sometimes I see lil babies dressed WAY to provocative for a BABY that it scares me!  
       I was introduced to Forever 21 kids by another IG momma who has two girls and dresses them AMAZING! As a Forever 21 lova in general I was excited to see cute mini sized pieces we could mix and match! And seriously I dont know anyone who doesn't love Forever 21 prices!! Kaylee kinda fits in there XS which is equivalent to a 4-5 size (Kaylee wears a 3T normally). 

Flower Crown: Tillys
Polka Dot Shirt: Target
Plaid overall skirt: Harajuku for Target
Nirvana sweetshirt: Forever 21
Boots: Gap

Till next time mini fashionistas!

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