Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Ever since I could remember I have loved Dr. Suess books. I have always loved the graphics and the unimaginable worlds he created that made you feel like you were there. I have enjoyed bringing all that magic to my kids and introducing them to the wacky and insane world that he has created for generations now.

Justin has been celebrating Dr. Suesss birthday since kindergarten and I thought why not celebrate it at home since it lands on a Sunday this year. Los Angeles has had its first real rain storm in, goodness I cant even think back, perhaps a year? Our city has desperately needed this rain and this weekend has been a cozy one for the Carpenters. Yesterday we took a family cruise down PCH to check out the huge swells down in Malibu. We came home cuddled in our bed, took a nap and woke up for a family dinner at Chili;s oh and a quick Target run before it closed. Today the rain has been trickling down on and off and I thought I would make a fun breakfast in honor of the crazy authors birthday. Justin helped scramble the eggs and we added green food coloring to make green eggs. We used sausage as our ham, that counts right? The kids got a kick out of it, I am pretty sure my husband thinks I have lost it but he played along.

We have totally been taking advantage of this cuddle weather and have stayed inside all day. Warmed up the house with the fire and cut up a bunch of fruit to snack on. The kids and I have been reading in their room and making wacky Dr. Suess inspired worlds with play doe .  I absolutely love when we can all be under one roof just spending time with each other with no outside distraction. I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and happy first weekend of March

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